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These are photos from a chapel of St. Nicolas in the far west of our diocese.  The zone is called Savan Mole;  the school is St. John Marie Vianey.  These photos show some of the books for the pre-school (3rd level) and the 3rd grade.  I think materials were also purchased for 1st and 2nd grades.  This is the first time any of these students have had books or coloring materials.

St. Andrew helps to complete the salaries of the teachers at this school.

1. Pre-school teacher--Miss Juna (right) and her aid---with new school materials for the classes.

2. The preschool classroom (the old church)--3 levels of preschool students, with 10 students in each group.

3 + 4. Third grade students with new books.

5 + 6. The kitchen, with the rice and beans being prepared over the open fire.

Hopefully, Fr. Leonville can purchase books for all of the classes next year.


1.  Fr. Leonville and the sisters from Milan, Italy--Sr. Gabriella, Sr. Mariestella, Sr. Rita.

2.  Fr. Leonville and the preseminarians, who are spending this year of discernment in the parish.

3.  The youth group preparing to sing for Easter Sunday Mass.

4.  Fr. Leonville beginning the Easter Sunday Mass.