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Nov. 8,2018

Dear Fr. Greg, 

I hope all is calm in Sierra Vista.   I am trying to adjust to the time and temperature in Indiana.


I wanted to send you some photos of the progress on the building of the cistern at the elementary and high school at St. Nicolas parish.


1.  This is a photo of the school.  The elementary school is called EMRAM (named after a former Bishop);  the high school is called St. Bonaventure.

The cistern is being built behind the left end of the school.  As you can see, there is much roof to collect the rainwater.


2.  The outer view of the cistern.


3.  The boss supervising the work.


4.  The workers doing the rough plastering for the cistern.


5.  Fr. Leonville on the ladder.


I had transferred $4000 to Fr. Leonville to begin the work in Sept. 2018;  after my visit in October, I transferred the final $4000 to Fr. Leonville to do the finish plastering on the inside, and to put the cement cover on the cistern.


Hopefully, the funds will be sufficient; and hopefully, Fr. Leonville can send me some photos of the finished cistern.


Thanks again to you and St. Andrew parish for your support for  Fr. Leonville and the people of St. Nicolas parish.







Oct. 2018

Just wanted to let you know I am back in Indiana after about 3 1/2 weeks in Haiti.   My visit was shorter than usual.  My 95 year old mother is doing OK, but she needs some help around the house.  The internet and phone signals were not good, so it was difficult to send email.


I was able to visit 9 parishes in the far west (Bombard, TiRivye, Mole St. Nicolas, Baie de Henne) and a few in the east (Bonneau, LaCroix).  The earthquake on Oct. 6 (with its after shocks) did not cause severe damage.  But many houses and schools have cracks, and one church (St. Montfort in PdPaix) will have to be demolished.  In some parishes, the old rock and mud classrooms have fallen down.


The situation for the schools is still very difficult--in old and new parishes alike.  It is difficult for the priests and sisters to pay the salaries of the teachers, provide school materials, or cook a hot meal every day for the students....mainly because the parents are not able to pay the very minimal tuition and fees.  The roads have gotten worse, and more parish vehicles are needing serious repairs or new tires.


Hopefully, I am attaching photos of the house of the Nesley Pierre family in LaCroix St. Joseph--before and after the earthquake. It is just one example of the situation now for many families.  The Nigerian sisters of the Daughters of Divine Love congregation are trying to help the family with the extensive repairs to their house.   I think that Nesley and his wife have 2 children.  The son (also named Nesley) is deaf.  The sisters and their DDL community are helping to pay the tuition to send the son to the local school for the deaf.  


I will try to send more photos later.


Thanks again for your prayers and support.


1.  Photo before the earthquake.

2. This is the photo of the Nesley Pierre house AFTER the earthquake