Ice Cream Socials (or other social events at our parish hall)

The Knights of Columbus Ice Cream social is an event that allows for fellowship and community to gather and have a good time. It also allows the Knights to give information about the council and present information for the various events, charities, and missions we support.



If the event is going to be at Kino Hall, then an email at least 30 days in advance must be sent to Maryann Hockstad ([email protected]) to check on the dates that the Hall will be available.  Create a flyer for the event and publish on social media, the parish website and in the bulletin.  For the social media aspects contact Genevieve Rivera ([email protected]) for posting.  For website posting contact Robert Benton ([email protected]) and Rosie Bernal ([email protected]) for the bulletin.  The flyer needs to include the time, date, and the organization that the social is supporting.  The last Friday before the event, the key to Kino will need to be picked up from the Office.


4 Tubs of Ice Cream, purchased from Julie and Sammy’s about $60/tub

Suggested flavrs are Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Mint Chocolate Chip

8 Cans of whipped cream, local stores about $3/can total cost $24

400 foam bowls 12oz, about $2.25/50ct. total cost $17 (Walmart)

400 foam cups 8.5 oz about $1.50/50ct. total cost $12 (Walmart)

Plastic Spoons, disposable, $4.32/100 total cost $17 (Walmart)

1 pkg. Paper Napkins, 400ct. at $5.38/400ct (Walmart)

4 bottles Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup 48oz. $4/bottle total cost $16

3 bottles Smucker's Caramel Flavored Syrup, 20oz. $2.87/bottle total cost $9

4 ice cream scoops

NOTE:  Food for Life Teen’s Life Night will also need to be provided, it can be pizza, sandwiches or at least a main dish and a side dish for 25-30 kids.

Day of Event

Set the hall up as needed to ensure maximum seating, use long rows of tables.  The key for the chairs in the cage are in the old sacristy.  The switch for the PA system is under the PA box in the old music area.  To ensure power to the PA system the switch in the old sacristy labeled projector needs to be turned on.  To serve the ice cream, use deep chafing dishes and fill them with ice.  Place plastic bags over the bottoms of the ice cream tubs to keep them from getting wet.  It is also suggested to supply drinking water for the event, use the plastic drink dispensers from the hall and fill with ice water.

To setup music all that is needed is a sound source and a 3.5mm male stereo cable (see image below), this plugs into the jack on the wall on the right side of the stage (looking at the stage).  The volume of the sound will be controlled by the audio source.

  3.5mm Stereo Cable

NOTE:  Life Teen eats at 6:30PM after a prayer.  If needed the kitchen at Madonna Hall can be used to heat/cook food.  If the kitchen is used it must also be cleaned up afterwards.

Clean Up

Clean all used tables and chairs put them away, the chair holders are in the cage.  Sweep the floor and clean any major spills.  Take out all trash and ensure the kitchen area is clean.  Turn off the lights, HVAC, PA system and fans once the hall is clean and lock the doors.  Return the cage key to the old sacristan room and the key to Kino Hall to the office.  Ensure any utensils/trays/pans/dishes that are borrowed from the hall are cleaned, sanitized, and put away.