"The sacraments are outward signs instituted by Christ to give grace. Signs, there are all kinds of signs around us but sacraments are unique as signs because they are signs of the presence and love of God for us and of our desire to come in contact or encounter God."


Anointing of the Sick is offered:

The sacrament is offered monthly to those who are ill or have passed their 65th birthday, following the 9am Mass & 12:05 noon Mass on First Fridays.

Also available to the hospitalized, homebound and nursing homes residents by request. Simply call the Parish Office and request a priest to come.

Those who are homebound and desire to receive Holy Communion can do so by calling the Parish Office and requesting an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion to bring communion to their home.


Baptism Requirements:

  • ADULTS: Contact the Adult Christian Initiation program through the Parish Office, or click HERE.
  • CHILDREN: 7yrs -18yrs please contact the Religious Education program through the Parish Office
  • INFANTS: Contact the Parish Office for the registration form or click below for the Baptismal Request Form. Provide a copy of birth certificate and attend a baptism preparation class. The class is offered the first Tuesday every month from 7pm - 8:30pm in the church.
  • Sponsors: At least one of the baptismal sponsors must be a practicing Roman Catholic; that is married in the Church (if married), confirmed, and receiving Communion on a regular basis. Download the sponsor forms below.

Click here for the Baptismal Request Form

Click here for the Sponsor Form if the sponsor is St Andrew Parishioner

Click here for the Sponsor Form if the sponsor is a parishioner of another parish


Confirmation Requirements:

  • Family must be registered in the Parish HERE
  • YOUTH: Complete the 9th & 10th grade Religious Education classes which are weekly from August - April. Click HERE for the schedule. Provide a copy of the Baptismal and 1st Communion certificates.
  • ADULTS: Contact the Parish Office. A 5-week program on the Wenesdays of Lent precedes confirmation.

Click here to go to the Confirmation Page for more information


1st Communion Requirements:

  • Family must be registered in the Parish
  • Provide copy of baptismal certificate
  • Completed the 2nd grade
  • Attends weekly classes, September-May. Click HERE for the schedule/registration forms.
  • Celebrated their First Reconciliation (this is part of preparation for First Communion)
  • Celebration of First Holy Communion takes place in May

(For those who are homebound and desire to receive Holy Communion, please contact the Parish Office to request an Extraordinary Minister to provide Communion.)

Holy Orders

For information about the priesthood, permanent diaconate, consecrated religious life or lay ministry, see the Diocesan Vocations Office.


Marriage Requirements:

  • Catholic party must be registered in the Parish
  • Couples must contact the Parish Office for an appointment with a priest or deacon 6 months before the intended date of the wedding
  • Couples must receive pre-marital instruction- this is provided by the Parish after initial meeting with a priest or deacon
  • Provide copy of baptismal certificate
  • If seeking validation for a civil marriage please provide a copy of civil marriage license


Confession is Offered:

  • Daily, 30 minutes before each weekday Mass; 8:30am-9am & 11:35am -12:05 noon.
  • Saturday morning from 8:30am-9am, Saturday afternoon from 3:30pm-5pm & Sunday afternoon from 4:30pm-5pm.
  • At Good Shepherd Mission on Saturday evening from 6pm-6:30pm, immediately before the Vigil Mass.
  • Anytime by appointment. Please call the Parish Office for an appointment with a priest.
Sacramental Records

Do you need Sacrament Records?  Please email [email protected]