"The purpose of Christ's existence was precisely to give humanity God's life and his Spirit of love so that every person might be able to draw from this inexhaustible source of salvation. This is why St Paul wrote to the Romans that we were baptized into the death of Christ in order to have his same life as the Risen One (cf. Rom 6: 3-4). For this reason Christian parents, such as you today, bring their children to the baptismal font as soon as possible, knowing that life which they have communicated calls for a fullness, a salvation that God alone can give. And parents thus become collaborators of God, transmitting to their children not only physical but also spiritual life."

// Pope Benedict XVI

Parents requesting Baptism for their children are required to:

  • Register at the Parish Office HERE

  • Bring a copy of your child's Birth Certificate to the office

  • Parents and Godparents are required to attend one Baptism class held on the first Tuesday of the month in English, or last Tuesday of the month in Spanish.


For the Baptismal Request Form