Catholic Information Services (CIS) provides a wide variety of publications to help Catholics and non-Catholics alike understand the the Catholic faith.  Our council purchases and provides for free, pamphlets on many topics.  The pamphlets can found found in the litertature stand in the gathering hall.  This stand is reserved for Knights of Columbus, Parish Ministries and St Paul Street Evangelization (SPSE).  Those who wish to add pamphlets to the stand must contact the Chairman, Brother Charlie Pisani.  Some well-meaning private evangelists place their pamphlets in the stand without coordination - these items are removed and placed elsewhere.

If you are digitally versed, you can obtain the CIS pamphlets free in the form of PDFs from the Knights of Columbus website. You can even listen them in the audio links on the website at this link:    Share those with your friends and family if you like.

We don't accept payment for the pamphlets.  If you wish to support, merely place a donation in the candle collection boxes in the church.  Many Blessings!