Our Confirmation program is called PURPOSE, as in, what is your purpose?

Our Bible verse for the program is Acts 1:8 “you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be my the ends of the earth.”

Our 2-year program is designed to support our young people to know, love and serve God within the family of the Catholic Church, as committed disciples of Jesus Christ in readiness for a full outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of their Confirmation.

Registration is in early August and classes are every Monday that Buena is in session from 7:00 to 8:15 PM, from the last Monday in August until Confirmation on the 2nd Sunday after Easter.

Contact Bill Polakowski @ 520-266-9393 or for Confirmation Information!

Confirmation 2 Letter to the Bishop

Bishop Weisenburger requests you write a letter to him for your Confirmation. The class on March 23rd was going to be dedicated to writing your letter, but since we cannot meet for class, we are asking you to write it at home and either drop it by the church office during the week or bring it to class when we start meeting again.

The letter needs to be hand-written and does not need to be more than one page long.

The content of the letter is up to you, but here are some ideas. You do not need to address all of these items: 

• Start off with a greeting like (Dear Bishop Weisenburger, etc.) 

• Tell the Bishop about yourself (maybe a bit about your family)

• What does being catholic mean to you?

• What is it about the faith of your sponsor that inspired you to select them?

Why do you want to be confirmed? (You should definitely answer this question!)

• What is it about your Patron Saint that inspired you to select that name?

• Close with a salutation like (Sincerely, Blessings, God be with you, etc.) 

At this point, we do not know if Confirmation will still be on April 26th or if it will be delayed.