Spokane Bishop Daly Comments On Pro-life


February 1, 2019

Dear Friends,

 Each January as the nation commemorates the sad anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, marches are held, and vigils are prayed. Those committed to the cause of human rights of the unborn make their voices heard. This year, pro-abortion politicians fearing increased restrictions on abortion have advocated for and passed laws expanding access to abortion in the state of New York. Similar attempts are being been made in several other states.

 Efforts to expand access to abortion, allowing murder of children up to the moment of birth is evil. Children are a gift from God, no matter the circumstances of their conception. They not only have a right to life, but we as a society have a moral obligation to protect them from harm.

The champion of this abortion legislation is Andrew Cuomo, a Catholic and governor of New York. Governor Cuomo frequently cites his Catholic faith in support of legislation he favors. His public witness as a Catholic politician, coupled with his stalwart support of abortion, is unacceptable.

Politicians who reside in the Catholic Diocese of Spokane, and who obstinately persevere in their public support for abortion, should not receive Communion without first being reconciled to Christ and the Church

The Church’s commitment to the life of every human person from conception until death is firm. God alone is the author of life and for the civil government to sanction the willful murder of children is unacceptable. For a Catholic political leader to do so is scandalous.

I encourage the faithful to turn to our Lord in prayer for our political leaders. Sir Thomas More was a public servant who preferred to die at the hands of civil authorities rather than abandon Christ and the Church.

Let us also keep the unborn, as well as all pregnant mothers, in our prayers.

In Christ, Most Reverend Thomas A. Daly, Bishop of Spokane, WA

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From Our Chaplain


As Chaplain of our Council, I often remind our Brother Knights, that the “best possible advertising for the Knights of Columbus. . .are the Knights themselves!” That was certainly the case last Saturday night, when our Bishop Salpointe Council hosted the 29th Annual Catholic Appeal Dinner in Columbian Hall. This annual gift to the Parish – a wonderful meal, served by Knights and their Ladies – has provided the vital “kick-off” for the Appeal, which supports 26 ministries in our Diocese. This was the second year that our new Bishop, Edward Weisenburger, was able to join us for the Mass (with a 4th Degree Honor Guard) and the Dinner following. Looking around the Hall, I could see, standing behind the serving lines, behind the bar, in the kitchen, directing our Confirmation student ‘table servers’, welcoming parishioners – were the KNIGHTS! There simply could not be a better illustration of the vital role of the Knights of Columbus in our Parish. Any Catholic man present could see for himself, the difference that Knights of Columbus make, in building up the life of the Church! Any Catholic man present should have come away with a strong impression of what the Knights are truly about: Faith active in service! I am always proud that I am a Knight, but especially on these occasions – and there are many of them – when our Council provides the leadership needed to make our Parish great! My heartfelt thanks to all of the Brothers and their Ladies, who welcomed our Bishop and our St. Andrew/Good Shepherd parishioners to the best Annual Catholic Appeal ever!
Vivat JESUS!
fr. greg



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