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As Chaplain of our Council, I often remind our Brother Knights, that the “best possible advertising for the Knights of Columbus. . .are the Knights themselves!” That was certainly the case last Saturday night, when our Bishop Salpointe Council hosted the 29th Annual Catholic Appeal Dinner in Columbian Hall. This annual gift to the Parish – a wonderful meal, served by Knights and their Ladies – has provided the vital “kick-off” for the Appeal, which supports 26 ministries in our Diocese. This was the second year that our new Bishop, Edward Weisenburger, was able to join us for the Mass (with a 4th Degree Honor Guard) and the Dinner following. Looking around the Hall, I could see, standing behind the serving lines, behind the bar, in the kitchen, directing our Confirmation student ‘table servers’, welcoming parishioners – were the KNIGHTS! There simply could not be a better illustration of the vital role of the Knights of Columbus in our Parish. Any Catholic man present could see for himself, the difference that Knights of Columbus make, in building up the life of the Church! Any Catholic man present should have come away with a strong impression of what the Knights are truly about: Faith active in service! I am always proud that I am a Knight, but especially on these occasions – and there are many of them – when our Council provides the leadership needed to make our Parish great! My heartfelt thanks to all of the Brothers and their Ladies, who welcomed our Bishop and our St. Andrew/Good Shepherd parishioners to the best Annual Catholic Appeal ever!
Vivat JESUS!
fr. greg



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Oct. 12, 2019- Adopt-a-highway Cleanup 7:00 A.M.
Oct. 17, 2019- CABOD Meeting, 6:00 P.M.
Oct. 19, 2019- Arizona Rosary Celebration Tucson 9:00 A.M.
Oct. 22, 2019- Family Potluck @ 6:00 P.M.
Oct. 26, 2019- Carmichael Neighborhood Cleanup @ Len Roberts park 8:00 A.M.
Oct. 31, 2019- Father-of-Lights Festival @ Len Roberts Park 4:00 P.M.
Nov. 02, 2019- Fry Cemetery Blessing @ 3:00 P.M.
Nov. 02, 2019- Tucson Men's Conference @ 8:00 A.M.
Nov. 18, 2019- Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser at Columbian Hall @ 4:30 P.M.          





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Upcoming and Recent Events

Public Rosary and Saint Paul Street Evangelization Outreach

This is the story of a mission visit by our Brother Ed, who is also a member and leader of the local chapter of the Saint Paul Street Evangelization (SPSE) ministry in our town. The rest is in Ed's own words:

Had a very busy day last Saturday.
I woke up at 5 AM and went to bed at 12:30 AM. Here is the story I shared......

I was asked by the office manager of St. Christopher' in Marana AZ to have an evangelization booth at their Parish Festival on October 12.

I had to lead a public Rosary at noon that day (in Sierra Vista), but luckily the festival was from noon to 11 pm.

We arrived at about 2:30 as it is 90 miles from Sierra Vista.

We set up and we spoke to many people and handed out over 150 Miraculous Medals and about 100 Rosaries. We also gave out many of our Mp3 cards for them to listen to the 27 talks we have on them.

But a lady came by named Mariann. She said, "Can you pray for me?" Of course, we said.

Ed and Terry got up and went to the outside of the booth and Ed asked if she had any unforgiveness in her heart for anyone. She said yes. Ed asked, "Can you totally forgive this person because otherwise the healing of your body may be blocked. She shared that her mother was killed by her sister. And it was very hard to forgive her sister. We spoke more and she finally said, "I have to let God take care of this for me. I forgive her and will no longer carry it with me"
Ed asked if she had any pride in her - anything that took the place of God.. She answered No.

So Ed and Terry laid hands on here and asked the Holy Spirit to come. After we prayed, her husband was standing next to her and she exclaimed to him. "I can see clearly way over there!!
She told us she had blurred vision and could not see far distance but now she can! Ed told her there is POWER in the name of Jesus!"

Another lady came by named Ida and she had a sore upper back and shoulder area. We laid hand on her and asked her the qualifying questions and her pain vanished.

Please pray for Mariann and Ida that the Lord will continue to bless them with his healing graces.

The pastor came by and gave us dinner tickets for free. He thanked us profusely for coming with all our materials and helping grow their parish.
Overall, a very successful day. In the picture, the one with the people, the lady on the left side is Mariann.

Br Ed

Are you interested in working with SPSE?  Visit them at   or contact Br Ed Graveline at our Parish, usually at Sunday 5:00 P.M. Mass, or often at the Kiosk for coffee and donuts.  Watch for his dislay table as well before and after Sunday Masses.

Silver Rose Comes to Sierra Vista

Brothers, their families and parishioners from Our Lady of the Mountain (OLM) and St Andrew the Apostle (SAA) parishes hosted the Silver Rose in procession, Mass and Rosary Prayer Services on October 6th and 7th.  More than 300 participants enjoyed the prayer and celebration between the two parishes.  On Sunday, the Silver Rose was carried in procession along with a statue of Our Lady of Fatima in a procession at OLM marking the anniversary of the October 13th apparition of Our Lady in Fatima, Portugal.  On Monday, a Mass and Rosary Prayer Service marked the SAA  celebration.  The Silver Rose historical roots were announced at each event by District Deputy and Faithful Navigator for our district of the Knights of Columbus.  Read more about the Silver Rose at this link:


Council 4584 Prolife Booth at 2019 County Fair

Brother Roger Wysong led the project to run the Prolife Booth at the Cochise County Fair from September 26th thorugh 29th.  The Prolife Booth gave Knights and Parishioners a chance to evangelize and to engage women and men of all ages about the Prolife message.  They provided literature and small tokens that promote the Prolife message in a way that is supportive and nonjudgemental, so that they can realize that a new life in the womb is a blessing that can increase the appreciation of love, family and faith.  Below are some photos and personal diary of Br Ed Graveline, both a Knight and a team leader for St Paul Street Evangelization.  He and Terry were providing awesome interactions with fairgoers.


The young man I am speaking with and then Terry was speaking with was young.  Pro-abortion young.  Told him how Abortion harms not only the Baby who loses his or her life, but the mother as well.  That is why Rachels Vinyard started up.  Told him DNA must be completely in a person to say it is their body.   A baby has a different DNA and even different blood type.  Terry told him that Jesus said - you do it to the least of mine you do it also to me. Babies in the womb are absolutely the least of his.  He was the pro-abort young man. I gave him a bunch of pro-life info because we shared a booth with the pro-life Knights table.  We handed out over 500 Rosaries and about 200 Miraculous Medals and about 500 brochures.  About happiness and also about hell.  Prayed over people there too.  


Gold Star Family Memorial Dedication

Brothers and family of Bishop Salpointe Council joined with St Andrew the Apostle Parishioners and the Sierra Vista community on October 5th at 10;00 A.M. to dedicate a monument known as the Gold Star Family Memorial that is built at the Southern Arizona Veterans Memorial Cemetery.  Our Council and parish raised more than $13,000 in support of the purchase and construction of the memorial.   Presentation of these funds occurred on August 29th at the Southern Arizona Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Sierra Vista.  The Sir Knights served as Color Corps for the ceremony which was attended by Arizona elected officials and many local Veteran Service Organizations. 


St Andrew Parish Picnic and Ministry Fair

Knights and Parishioners set up displays and information booths to highlight Saint Andrew the Apostle Parish ministries during the Annual Parish Picnic on September 22nd.  In addition to the interaction with ministries, knights prepared and cooked hamburgers and hot dogs which were served along with side-dishes brought by the families of the parish.  The Parish also set up a water slide and games for the kids to play.  Not to leave out the adults, musical entertainment was provided to the picnickers inside Kino Hall where the food was served.  A shout-out to all the ministries and especially the Knights and families who prepared and and served the food!









Volunteers Recognized at Appreciation Dinner

The Columbian Hall plays a vital role in our Council’s efforts to serve our church and our community. More than just a meeting place for our Council and Assembly, the Hall provides the venue for the Annual Catholic Appeal Dinner and similar fund-raising dinners for a number of other local non-profits. Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, a Veteran Group and a Police Fraternal group all meet and hold activities at the hall throughout the year. Twice weekly Bingo sessions at the hall provide more than 27,000 player-hours of entertainment each year. Bingo revenue funds the operation and maintenance of the facility. Activity at the hall increases traffic and promotes neighborhood security. The attractive,well-maintained building and grounds add to the appeal and vitality of our parish’s west-end neighborhood. Operating and maintaining our hall and staffing Bingo and other events require significant volunteer effort.  President Dan Pierce recently honored and thanked many of the hard-working bingo volunteers.   Their efforts sustain the hall as a viable partner by teaming up with the Knights of Columbus - Bishop Salpointe Council #4584 for their programs and activities.




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