We are St. Andrew the Apostle Parish


Our parish is a multi-cultural community thanks to our proximity to Fort Huachuca, and includes a large number of ethnic groups and cultural associations.

Among the languages spoken at St. Andrew's are: Spanish, Tagalog, Korean, Vietnamese, Chamorro, Italian, German, and French. For over 30 years, our annual Parish Bazaar is always held on the first Saturday of November. It is a wonderful example of our multi-ethnic talents, foods and cultures.

Our Folklorico Group of young dancers of our Hispanic community, the Mariachi de San Andres, as well as our Filipino-American Dance Group are gaining area-wide recognition. The Micronesian community can always be counted on for spirited song and dance to enliven Parish gatherings.

Bishop Francis J. Green, who consecrated our original church in 1958 (now Kino Hall) used to describe St. Andrew the Apostle as "the Parish where every Sunday is Pentecost!" How right he was! Not only in the wonderful multi-ethnicity of our parish community where "every tribe, kindred, race & nation reside," but also in the very vibrant, enthusiastic sharing of spiritual gifts by a parish community of over 2,000 households alive in the Holy Spirit!

The Parish has a strong history of lay-leadership, including a large number of ministries and apostolates centered on our parishioners and the talents they bring to the table.  We welcome you to our parish !