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From Our Pastor


Dear Friends of St. Andrew's,
From the founding of our Parish in 1958, we have grown and developed with Sierra Vista - as partners in building up this great community we call home.
Over the decades, we sought to be active participants in every aspect of community life. We believe that serving the common good and making this city a place where people come first, where the least and most easily-overlooked are served and cared for, and where the quality of life is enhanced for all our fellow citizens, is an essential witness to our faith.
We hope our parish church is a place where all experience the Presence of God and the welcome of God's People. We pray that its beauty will speak a wordless invitation to those who are seeking, those who are wearied by life's burdens and those who are drawn to lift their hearts in prayer.
We thank God for giving us this opportunity to extend His blessings and to share our church and campus facilities with the Sierra Vista community.
The pulse of St. Andrew's is reflected through our ministries and individual parishoner efforts.  I hope to highlight these achievements and bring focus to upcoming events in the article following this message.
Yours because His,
Fr. Greg Adolf


Estimados amigos de San Andrés,

Desde la fundación de nuestra Parroquia en 1958, hemos crecido y nos hemos desarrollado junto con Sierra Vista construyendo esta gran comunidad la cual llamamos nuestra casa.

A través de las décadas hemos tratado de participar activamente en todos los aspectos, dentro de nuestra comunidad.  Creemos que un testigo esencial de nuestra fe es el servir al bien común y el hacer de esta ciudad un lugar para quienes lo más importante es su gente, donde los más necesitados y los más olvidados son servidos y cuidados, y donde la calidad de vida es mejorada para todos nuestros ciudadanos.

Deseamos que nuestra parroquia sea un lugar donde todos puedan sentir la Presencia de Dios y se sientan bienvenidos como hijos de Él.  Rogamos que su belleza les haga una invitación silenciosa a aquellos quienes están en busca de Dios, a aquellos quienes se encuentran abrumados por los problemas de la vida, y a aquellos quienes han sido llamados a levantar sus almas en oración.

Agradecemos a Dios por darnos esta oportunidad de extender sus bendiciones y de compartir nuestra iglesia y nuestras facilidades con la comunidad de Sierra Vista.

El servicio de San Andrés está reflejado en nuestros ministerios y los esfuerzos individuales de nuestros parroquianos.  Espero que podamos realzar estos logros y llevar enfoque a futuros eventos los cuales mencionamos en el artículo debajo de este mensaje.


Suyo en Cristo,


Padre Greg Adolf




“This is what the past is for! Every experience that God gives us, every person He puts in our lives, is the perfect preparation for the future which only He can see!”


                                                                                                      - Corrie Ten Boom (1892-1983)




Did You Know...?


...that our Bishop is encouraging parishes across the Diocese to seek ways to cooperate
and share resources?

We are very much on the ‘cutting edge’ of this, as we seek ways to share the resources and talents of Sacred Heart, Tombstone, and St. Andrew’s/Good Shepherd!

This, of course, is a long-time ‘partnership’ between the two Parishes, dating back to the Pastorate of Fr. Bill Parenteau in the early 1990’s, with joint-Parish Council meetings, potlucks, and other shared events. While that closeness did not continue, our St. Vincent de Paul Society and our Knights of Columbus, continued their partnership and mutual support in their areas of ministry with the Vincentians and the Knights in Tombstone.
Now, with the sharing of our Priests, our Kate Callendar – who provides the music at both Good Shepherd Mission and Sacred Heart, Tombstone,  and ‘tech persons’ like Rick Young, assisting  Sacred Heart in setting up a new website and “Flocknotes”, as well as ‘back-up’ for Sacred Heart Office Manager, Kari Devere, we are experiencing the good that our Bishop anticipated in asking for much more cooperation between parishes!

Recently a gift from a parishioner at St. Andrew’s made it possible to help furnish the Rectory at Sacred Heart! 

Our Knights of Columbus, Bishop Salpointe Council, have volunteered to help their Brother Knights with the ‘Second Sunday Breakfast’ at Sacred Heart; the St. Paul Street Evangelization Ministry (Ed Graveline and others, are looking for volunteers from our Parish, to assist them in reaching out to the unchurched or ‘fallen-away’ in Tombstone); and, Sister Joellen and Sister Doris, Franciscan Sisters of Charity, will be sharing their time and energy with the folks at Sacred Heart as well!

Please considering attending the (10:00 AM) Sunday Mass at Sacred Heart in Tombstone,as a sign of ‘solidarity’ and to meet and greet these great folks, with whom we share so much!

This ‘new model’ of parish collaboration and cooperation is being ‘pioneered’ right here in our parishes, and we expect that other parishes around our Diocese will be looking to us to learn how to share the ‘good things of God’ in ways that benefit all!

“We may not have it all together, but together we have it all!”

* * * * * * *

This past week, we received $432.00 in new donations to the “Building Our Church Fund” which allows us to respond to un-budgeted needs and up-grades to our two-campus buildings and grounds! We recently completed the remodeling of one of the bathrooms in the Rectory and are now looking at a similar remodeling for the other bathroom, in response to the discovery of a ‘tile failure’ and water/mold behind the walls in our 61-year-old Rectory!

Thank you for your ongoing and amazing generosity!!!



In response to requests from parishioners, for a “Morning Offering” prayer, (referred to in Fr. Greg’s homily), the following, from St. Alphonsus Liguori, is offered:

“O my God, I adore You. I love You with all my heart and I thank You for all Your gifts. I thank You for preserving me through the night and for bringing me to the beginning of this new day full of grace. I offer You all that I do or suffer throughout this day, in union with the actions and sufferings of JESUS. I intend to avoid everything that would offend You, but I ask that You give me the graces necessary to please You and reject sin. Give me to grace to love You more today than yesterday. Mary, Mother of my Lord, Mother of all His disciples, please take me under your care today. My guardian angel and my patron saints, come to my aid. Amen.


Nursing Scholarships


The St. Joseph Catholic Healthcare Endowment Fund announces opportunities for nursing scholarships for those currently enrolled and matriculated in Pima Community College’s nursing program. After earning their degree, scholarship recipients are required to commit two years of employment in a Catholic-sponsored hospital, ministry or program in the Diocese of Tucson (Carondelet St. Mary’s, St Joseph’s, Holy Cross, St. Elizabeth of Hungary, etc.).  For further details and grant application, please 

or call (520) 838-2505/2506.  Grants will be awarded annually; the deadline to apply is 12/31/2019.

El Fondo de Beneficencia Católico St. Joseph para la Atención de la Salud anuncia oportunidades de becas para estudiantes actualmente inscritos y matriculados en el programa de enfermería de Pima Community College. Se requiere que después de obtener su título los beneficiarios de esta beca cumplan con dos años de empleo en un hospital, ministerio o programa católico en la Diócesis de Tucson (Carondelet St. Mary’s, St. Joseph’s, Holy Cross, St. Elizabeth of Hungary, etc.). Para informarse en detalle y acceder a la solicitud de la beca visite

o llame al (520) 838-2505/2506. Las becas se otorgarán anualmente. El plazo para presentar la solicitud vence el 12/31/2019.



Mass Times

Sunday: 8:00 am † 10:00 am
Noon ( Español / Spanish)
5:00 pm (Life Teen)

Monday - Friday: 9:00 am † 12:05 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am † 5:00 pm (Vigil)

Good Shepherd Mission  6:30 pm

-- Reconciliation Schedule --

Saturday 3:15-5:00
Sunday 4:00-5:00
Confessions are 30 minutes before every Mass

Anytime by appointment

Download the Monthly Mass Schedule


Cochise County Schools


Jaqui Clay, Cochise County School Superintendent, is collecting information via the survey below for a County Roundtable event on the 7th of November. 
The last county survey was in 2017 and we thank you for your participation.
This survey will assist us in developing our goals and provide data regarding how we can better support our schools. 
We will also share the outcome of this survey with our county and educational leaders when completed.  
We would appreciate you completing our Educational Survey (participants are anonymous) and share it with anyone who is interested.





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