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Dear Friends of St. Andrew's,

From the founding of our Parish in 1958, we have grown and developed with Sierra Vista - as partners in building up this great community we call home.

Over the decades, we sought to be active participants in every aspect of community life. We believe that serving the common good and making this city a place where people come first, where the least and most easily-overlooked are served and cared for, and where the quality of life is enhanced for all our fellow citizens, is an essential witness to our faith.

We hope our parish church is a place where all experience the Presence of God and the welcome of God's People. We pray that its beauty will speak a wordless invitation to those who are seeking, those who are wearied by life's burdens and those who are drawn to lift their hearts in prayer.

We thank God for giving us this opportunity to extend His blessings and to share our church and campus facilities with the Sierra Vista community.

The pulse of St. Andrew's is reflected through our ministries and individual parishoner efforts.  I hope to highlight these achievements and bring focus to upcoming events in the article following this message.


Yours because His,

Fr. Greg Adolf


Estimados amigos de San Andrés,

Desde la fundación de nuestra Parroquia en 1958, hemos crecido y nos hemos desarrollado junto con Sierra Vista construyendo esta gran comunidad la cual llamamos nuestra casa.

A través de las décadas hemos tratado de participar activamente en todos los aspectos, dentro de nuestra comunidad.  Creemos que un testigo esencial de nuestra fe es el servir al bien común y el hacer de esta ciudad un lugar para quienes lo más importante es su gente, donde los más necesitados y los más olvidados son servidos y cuidados, y donde la calidad de vida es mejorada para todos nuestros ciudadanos.

Deseamos que nuestra parroquia sea un lugar donde todos puedan sentir la Presencia de Dios y se sientan bienvenidos como hijos de Él.  Rogamos que su belleza les haga una invitación silenciosa a aquellos quienes están en busca de Dios, a aquellos quienes se encuentran abrumados por los problemas de la vida, y a aquellos quienes han sido llamados a levantar sus almas en oración.

Agradecemos a Dios por darnos esta oportunidad de extender sus bendiciones y de compartir nuestra iglesia y nuestras facilidades con la comunidad de Sierra Vista.

El servicio de San Andrés está reflejado en nuestros ministerios y los esfuerzos individuales de nuestros parroquianos.  Espero que podamos realzar estos logros y llevar enfoque a futuros eventos los cuales mencionamos en el artículo debajo de este mensaje.


Suyo en Cristo,


Padre Greg Adolf



Did You Know...?


that our “Synod Listening Sessions” provided great information for our Parish?

While the discussion questions, presented by the Diocese, at our two “Listening Sessions” (9 January and 18 January), were about our hopes, dreams, concerns, and desires for the Universal Church, the reflections and insights that were shared actually have applications for our own parish – our most ‘personal’ experience of what it means to be the Church!

If there was a ‘theme’ that emerged from the “Listening Sessions” it was about being a “welcoming Church”, where every person should feel welcomed and valued as a beloved daughter or son of God! Concerns were expressed that we not allow the divisiveness of the world, and the current culture of suspicion, contentiousness, and recrimination, to invade the Community of Faith. “Speaking the truth in love,” as St. Paul tells us we are called to do, (Ephesians 4:15) means to make sure that our commitment to the Truth is always spoken with genuine concern for others and a gentleness which invites listening, so that we can grow in maturity in Christ!

We experienced again, in the “Listening Sessions,” genuine respect for others and an acknowledgment that we are all at different places in our Faith journey, as individuals and as parish communities, which does not ‘water down’ the Truth, revealed in and through JESUS! An ancient adage, (attributed to a number of saints!) says: “In essentials there must be unity, in non-essentials there must be liberty, but in all things, there must be charity!”

Concerns were expressed as to how our Parish welcomes and values the contributions of those who have been divorced, of those who are struggling with fear and isolation, and of those who might feel marginalized in the Church, as well as society. How we welcome people will play a large part in their on-going personal conversion, as well as our own!

Because of the wonderful corporal works of mercy being done by our St. Vincent de Paul Society, Community Food Bank, Knights of Columbus, Angel Wings Ministry, Ladies of St. Andrew’s, Good Neighbor Alliance, St. Paul Street Evangelization Ministry, Care Net Crisis Pregnancy Center, Life Teens, (over 50 ministries listed in our bulletin and on our website!!), and so many activities of so many individual parishioners, we feel that we are doing a pretty good job of demonstrating  the love of God for our ‘neighbors’ – including Haiti, Nepal, and Ecuador!

The question/challenge is, how can we be more effective in bringing the love of Christ to our own parishioners, and how we can invite all of our parishioners to become involved and grow with a ministry that uses their particular talents?

It was Pope St. John Paul II who pointed out that ‘Community is built on Trust, and Trust is built on Truth’ (and that the opposite is true: if there is not Truth, there can be no Trust, and if there is no Trust, the inevitable fragmentation and isolation will occur).

We are very grateful for the opportunities which the “Synod Listening Sessions” gave to us,  to speak – and to listen to – the Truth in love! Many thanks to our Sessions leaders, our own Michelle Mitchell, and to all who participated!

This Week's Catholic Quiz


This week’s Question: “What is the Blessing of Throats on St. Blaise’s Day?”

The Answer to last week’s Question:“What is the ‘Last Gospel’?” In the 13th Century it became the custom in some places for priests to recite the Prologue of the Gospel of John (1:1-14) privately after Mass, as they were taking off their vestments. In the form of the Mass that emerged from the Council of Trent (late 16th Century), the priest was to read this Gospel passage to himself before leaving the altar. Catholics called this part of the Mass, the “Last Gospel.” The Prologue is the beautiful poem of the Divinity of JESUS: “In principio erat Verbum. . .” (“In the beginning was the Word. . .”) and the Faithful heard the “Last Gospel” at every Mass, except on days of Lent! In the liturgical reform of Vatican II, this private thanksgiving of the priest was no longer included as part of the Mass.

(If  you would like to be as smart as the “Quiz Master” – pick up a copy of the Catholic Source Book, available in the Parish Office, for only $25!) 


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The Marriage Anniversary Mass


Bishop Edward J. Weisenburger will celebrate a special Mass celebrating Marriage Anniversaries for couples that have received the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony and are celebrating the following anniversaries in 2022: 1st - 10th - 25th - 50th - 60th or longer, Sunday, February 13, 2022, at 2:30 p.m. St. Augustine Cathedral, 192 S. Stone Ave., Tucson.  The attached registration form can be returned to


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On Wednesday, the 12th, our Sister Doris Jurgenson suffered a bad fall in the Convent, shattering the bone in her upper left arm. As Sister Doris is left-handed, the doctors are recommending surgery. The decision was made to bring Sister Doris back to the Franciscan Sisters’ Motherhouse in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, for surgery and rehabilitation, and she left on Wednesday, in the company of Sister Theresa from the Motherhouse. We are, of course, very hopeful that following a successful surgery and rehab, that Sister will be able to return to us!

Your prayers for these intentions is greatly appreciated. If you would like to write to Sister Doris, she will be at the: St. Francis Convent, 2409 S. Alverno Road, Manitowoc, WI 54220-9320!


Prayer for the Canonization of Padre Kino





With the safety protocols of masking, social distancing, and hand-sanitizing – we are happy to invite you to one of the two weekly Bibles Studies!

BIBLE STUDIES are in Madonna Hall on Tuesday mornings from 9:45 to 11:00 AM and Wednesday evenings, from 7:00 to 8:00 PM!
Please join us for study and discussion of the Word in a relaxed setting!




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 During this time, remember to practice C.H.U.R.C.H. 

C harity - Be charitable and think of others first 

H ygiene - Stay healthy by practicing good hygiene 

U nderstanding -Be understanding and patient with others 

R esourcefulness - Check trustworthy resources often 

C ommon Sense - Practice and encourage common sense in your circle 

H oliness - Be holy and pray for those suffering, those on the front lines, and for a rapid cure.


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Reunión en inglés está disponible en los miércoles a las seis de la tarde (6:00pm), los viernes a las diez de la mañana (10:00am) en Cuarto 4 en Madonna Hall y o por teléfono los sábados a la una de la tarde (1:00pm).   Para participar en reunión en inglés por teléfono, por favor de llamar a Zina por teléfono a (520 227-3081).  Reunión en español por teléfono está disponible los viernes a las diez de la mañana (10:00am) o los sábados a la una de la tarde (1:00pm).  Para participar en reunión en español, por favor de llamar a Tony por teléfono a (520 249-8781).  Nosotros esperamos reunirnos con ustedes.  For English, read above.


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