Our Council Officers

Grand Knight: Br John Goggin

Chaplain: Father Gregory Adolf

Deputy Grand Knight: Br Jonathan Gagnon

Chancellor: Br Ed Graveline

Warden: Br Michael Schrauth

Advocate: Br Doug Jacques

Lecturer:  Br Doug Sloan

Treasurer: Br David Nine

  • Br Rick Young - pro tempore

Recorder: Br Larry Carter

1st Year Trustee: Br John Goodman

2nd Year Trustee: Br Rick Young

3rd Year Trustee: Br Charlie Valdez

Inside Guard: Br Victor Schrauth

Outside Guard: Br Mattew Benton

Membership Director: Br Bryant Sayers

Program Director: Br Frank Liebsch


References for meetings and other business:


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Presentation Slides - PDF

Presentation Slides - PPT from 26 June 2020 webinar

Guidelines for Online Voting - Elections

Instructions for Online Exemplification 

Guidelines for Online Voting - Motions

Leave No Neighbor Behind

Fraternal Operations During COVID-19 Resources

Installation of Council Officers Guide

FLA Subscription List Signup

Faith in Action Guidebook

Faith in Action Council Requirements

Faith in Action FAQs

Letter to Pastor re KofC Support

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