Our goal is to strengthen men and their families in the Catholic faith. Formation in our faith goes beyond mere facts or religious practice to an authentic connection with a loving God and his son Jesus Christ.
Programs in this category are designed to draw us closer to God and the Church in a tangible and meaningful way.

The Supreme Council provides elements of the Faith Program area which were gathered from the annual fraternal survey form and are noted here:

The elements of the Faith Program area which are noted in the Columbian Award application and the Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity forms are:

  1. RSVP Program
  2. Church Facilities
  3. Catholic Schools/Seminaries
  4. Marian Icon Prayer Program
  5. Religious/Vocations Education
  6. Prayer & Study Programs
  7. Sacramental Gifts
  8. Into the Breach
  9. Building the Domestic Church Kiosk
  10. Rosary Program
  11. Holy Hour
  12. Spiritual Reflection Program (which is a required program)
  13. Miscellaneous Faith Activities

Our Council Faith Programs and Projects are elements of these activity areas as shown below:

  • Parish Campus and Activity Support (Parish Council, Grounds Maintenance, Giving Program, Parish Calendars, Parish Picnic, Religious Education, Women of Saint Andrew)

The BSC Brothers and family members significantly participate in the Parish operations whether in the front office, executive committees, facility or campus maintenance, religious education programs, crisis response, liturgical supply, and social support.  Volunteers can hold committee positions in the Parish committees as well as BSC committees, or they can perform grass root-level actions that improve and maintain our Parish ministry programs.  Parish Nurses' Association, ViCap, Good Neighbor Alliance, Stephen Ministry, the Community Food Bank, RCIA instruction, CCD instruction, Eucharistic Apostles of Devine Mercy, and Bible Study are just t some of the ministries which need support and commitment.  BSC supports the preparation and conduct of the fundraisers of the Women of Saint Andrew’s Parish by supporting the annual White Elephant Sale, St Nicholas Fair, and Children’s Christmas Party.

  • Spiritual Reflection Program

The council  sponsors a Silver Rose prayer service in conjunction with the Supreme Knight’s program Running of the Roses.

  • Mass Ministry Support

BSC has many members who support the Sunday and Daily Masses with volunteers as Ministers of Hospitality, Ushers, Sacristans, Eucharistic Ministers, Choir, and Altar Servers.  All Deacons and our Priest-are members of the BSC.

  • Evangelization, Ministry Conferences, Rosary Distribution and Arizona State Rosary Celebration

From the local coordination of Rosary making and distribution, to the State-level celebration of the Rosary and Ministerial Conferences sponsored by the Diocese of Tucson or by the Parish, BSC Brothers and their family members actively support and participate in the activities that bring prayer into private and community life.  Volunteers can help with making or distributing rosaries, prayer cards, liturgical booklets, and many other tangibles connected with prayer support.  They can also participate in Diocese, Parish or Council programs that carry the Gospel to those who need to hear it, whether in homeless shelters, prisons, schools, or other benevolent associations.  Council members participate in the Prison Ministry and St Paul Street Evangelization Ministry to reclaim lost souls as well as appeal to those who are looking for meaning in their lives.  Brother Knights also sponsor the Keep Christ in Christmas initiative of the Knights of Columbus by selling religious Christmas cards and other media to promote the true meaning of the Christmas celebration.

  • Annual Catholic Appeal Dinner

The BSC provides for free, a dinner of all parishioners who attend the Annual Catholic Appeal dinner which is provided at the Columbian Association Hall.  The free dinner is in appreciation for Parishioners who donate generously to the Annual Catholic Appeal fund.  Brothers, family members and Youth ministries provide all the volunteer support for set-up, serving and cleanup after the event.  Saint Andrew the Apostle Parish has thus become a significant contributor to the Annual Catholic Appeal through the Diocese of Tucson.

  • Refund Support Vocations Programs (RSVP)

Through the Knights of Columbus Refund Support Vocations Program (RSVP), BSC supports seminarians or postulants and provides them with financial assistance and moral support throughout their discernment and training.  BSC provides support, encouragement and prayer for the sponsored individuals. 

  • Keep Christ in Christmas Religious Christmas Cards

BSC sells Christmas Cards as a means for evangelizing.  A small amount of profit is used to fund youth recognition programs in our parish.  Download the brochure to select and order products.

If you would like to order and send religious Christmas cards, you may order them from us at the Knights of Columbus using the attached pamphlet at the link below contains an order form on the last page.  You may contact SK Larry Carter at his email [email protected] or phone 520-249-9524 for coordination to order, pay, pick-up or deliver.

Christmas Card Order Brochure

  • Pilgrimages, Religious Relics and Prayer

BSC provides logistic and coordination support for traveling relics or displays of Saints and Apparitions.  The BSC also supports the Supreme Council in publicizing the featured programs such as their Warriors to Lourdes Military Pilgrimage, and by coordinating with those Veterans who might benefit from the pilgrimage experience.  The BSC also maintains a prayer list for those Brothers and family members who are suffering health issues.

  • Council Relief Fund

BSC provides a relief fund for Brothers and Widow Families in times of financial distress.  Help for BSC Brothers-in-Need is determined by the Relief Committee members who are the Financial Secretary, Grand Knight, and Treasurer.  Brothers should nominate any Brother they know of who needs particular help – after determining if they would accept such help.  

  • Life Teen

Life Teen is a High School age youth ministry.  Life Teen is Saint Andrew’s youth ministry for high school students in 9th-12th grades.  The Life Teen program combines both catechesis and relational ministry and is designed to meet the educational, spiritual, emotional, and social needs of adolescents.  BSC Brothers and family assist with supervision and direction of the program events.  As available, attendance at a Leadership Conference for Catholic Youth is also supported by the BSC with donations to defray the travel costs.

Through Sunday night “Life Nights,” weeknight events, weekend retreats, socials, and many other events, this parish ministry invites teens into a deeper relationship with Christ.  Life Teen is centered in the Eucharist to bring teens into a love for their Catholic faith.  Using a proven model, Life Teen strives to engage the youth of our church in a fun, engaging, and relevant way.  Life Nights take place on Sundays from 6:30pm – 8:00pm in rooms 6 & 7 of the Parish Hall.  BSC volunteers can assist with supervising activities and with presentations. 

  • Youth Edge Nights

Edge is Saint Andrew’s youth ministry for middle school (Junior High School) students in 6th-8th grades.  The Edge program combines both catechesis and relational ministry and is designed to meet the educational, spiritual, emotional, and social needs of young adolescents.  Edge combines the best of Life Teen with the necessary adaptations to provide middle school youth with the ministry they need.  Through Tuesday night “Edge Nights,” weeknight events, weekend retreats, socials, and many other events, the parish invites teens into a deeper relationship with Christ.  Edge is centered in the Eucharist to bring teens into a love for their Catholic faith.  Using Life Teen’s ministry model, Edge helps teens learn about their Catholic faith in a fun, engaging, and relevant way.  BSC volunteers can assist with supervising activities and with presentations. 

  • Catholic Men’s Conferences

Knights and parishioners have the opportuinty to attend Into the Breach conferences several times during the year.  The topics will be based on exhortations by Bishop Olmsted of the Diocese of Phoenix, and which has been adopted by the Knights of Columbus.  There is an annual Tucson Men's Conference each fall.  Try out a virtual men's conference: https://catholicmenleaders.org/summit-resources/