From Our Chaplain


Dear Brothers in Christ, 

We have come to the threshold of a new year! I pray that the passage into this new year of grace will inspire each of you to step over a threshold of recommitment…a resolution to take time to open your heart to the unconditional and abundant love that God offers you, walking with you in the ordinary events of each day.  Christmas is a celebration of God’s coming to earth in the flesh of the Eternal Word, and not only in JESUS, the love and light of God lives in each of us also, and in all of creation…if we are open to seeing it.

Epiphany means MANIFESTATION… God is SEEN, shown to us as a human being. We marvel at the story of those “wise men”, following a star that led them to JESUS, LIGHT of the WORLD!  They journeyed toward the light… just as we can journey into and through this new year, trusting in the guiding light of the Holy Spirit. 

This is 2021, a new year (and we are all anxious to have a new and safe world where we can meet and serve again)!  As we continue to give great physical attention to mask and social distancing from others, as an act of charity - for everyone’s safety, we could take advantage of this time to give attention to our inner spiritual health: 
Spending time 

  • examining my “heart health”, resolving to take steps toward repairing relationships, forgiving myself and becoming the person that God has created and redeemed me to be.
  • examining my “seeing health”, resolving to look for and celebrate the goodness around me, seeing Christ in the eyes of those around me.
  • And examining my “hearing health”, resolving to listen for the voice of God, as He speaks to me, through Scripture, the teachings of the Church, and my conscience; listening to the deep down truth, wisdom and beliefs that are waiting for my attention and action.

Even a pinpoint of light has a great effect in darkness.  Let your light shine, Brothers!


Fr. Greg


Upcoming Events

Council 4584 Upcoming Events

Here is a list of all the things going on:

Thursday, Sept. 15.  Corporate Communion Mass at 12:05 PM.

Thursday, Sept. 15 at 5:30 online training for Raso Insurance Financial talk.

Friday, Sept. 16 at noon I have to set up my booth at the Oktoberfest.  Anyone who would like to help come to Veterans Park.

Saturday, Sept. 17  I will have a booth there as well and at noon there will be a public Rosary in front of Chilis to honor our Blessed Mother of Sorrows. 

Sept. 22 - 25 in Douglas at the Cochise County Fair we have a booth for pro-life and for St. Paul Evangelization.  Come to help out.

We have eight projects.  The first is the Knights building and the side of St. Andrews.  Weeds growing on North ave.   All along the street.

October 1 is our first big project for yard cleanup.  Olga Felix at 5425 St. Peter Ave.  Sierra Vista 85650 is where it is located.

There is an opportunity to help Special Olympics with a tractor Pull   It costs us $200 to pull a Bearcat 25 feet with 8 men.  We need to apply by Oct. 1.  The event is on Oct. 23.

October 8, Saturday morning at 7 am we meet at the Police Station parking lot to do the bypass cleanup.   The Knights have one-mile stretch to clean up.

October 21, Friday is the Care-Net lunch or dinner .  $40 per person.  We should support this. Reservations by October 7.  Call Edith Walls 520-559-7960 

October 15 is the Rosary Celebration in Tucson at the Cathedral at 192 S. Stone Ave,  Tucson AZ. 

October 31 is our Father of Lights Festival at Len Roberts park. 






Recent Events

Here are some highlights from recent events

Sunday 19 June The Knights and Parish participated in the Corpus Christi Procession.



Join a Bingo Team!!

Help Earn Money For Your Council!!



The number of games is being reduced allowing the sessions to end earlier. 

Each member who signs in will earn $50 for the the session they work. 

Bingo is on Sunday and Wednesday evenings.

Please call the hall (520-458-3939) and join a team. 

There are four teams rotating monthly. 

That means your team would only be up once a month.


During the month of April, the Columbian Association donated $1950 to our council.

By lending their support, brother knights help raise needed funds to continue works of charity in our community.  


Brother Knights....



Are you good with numbers?

Is balancing your checkbook easy-peasy?

The Columbian Hall is looking to begin a parallel

effort for the Treasurer's position.  Ensuring a smooth tranition for

this office is important for both the bingo and event portions 

the hall requires.  Only a few flexible hours are required each week.

Please contact Treasurer David Nine at:

to learn more.  Thanks!!



You can be the Strong Right Arm




Arizona State Council

Knights of Columbus




Please come to our next business meeting

held every second Tuesday

at the Columbian Hall starting at 7:00pm.

Masks are optional






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We are named Bishop Salpointe Council.  You can become part of our Council Faith in Action Program when you join.

We have a rich set of programs and projects where you can assist in any of the four areas shown in the Kinghts of Columbus Program Model.

Click on the drop-down menu above under Knights Council 4584>Programs and explore the opportunities.

Another Important Feature of Membership is Our Insurance.  The Knights of Columbus was founded to take care of widows and children who were left behind when their husbands/fathers died.  The Knights began an insurance program to sustain their families in the event of their passing.  We encourage you to take advantage of this service.  Click on the link above image below to see more information on our insurance program.

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