Directory of Ministries and Organizations


Some photos from Fr. Leonvilloe and the parish of St. Nicolas.
1.  Fr. Kerby, the associate pastor, with the chalice of Msgr. Carillo that the family sent back with me.
2.  The view of the ocean from the chapel of Carinage---a small fishing village.
3.  The fish drying on the fence in Carinage.
4.  Fr. Leonville with a water treatment system at the small school in Carinage.



The school and teachers of the chapel of Savan Mole.  Digicel, the phone company, built the school.  However, there is not enough income from the parents to pay the teachers or to buy school supplies.  Funds from St. Andrew have been helping with both of those problems. Note the 4 students sharing one book.




1.  Fr. Leonville and Sr. Maristella (left), and Sr. Rita.
2.  Fr. Leonville celebrating the Mass at Savan Mole.
3.  Sr. Mariestella with the students at the Mass at Savan Mole.
4.  Sr. Rita playing with the pre-school students after the Mass at Savan Mole.




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