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Wednesday, July 23, 2014



"I was naked and you clothed me..."



We at Catholic Community Services have been assisting women and children as they pass through Tucson over the past several weeks.  These individuals have been given instructions by Immigration officials, but many times they are unable to navigate the system upon arrival in the city and usually have few supplies or money.  CCS has been providing help to those individuals such as interpreter services, assistance buying their bus tickets, overnight accommodations, if needed, and even food and clothing.  There has been a huge response by local individuals and people across the country when the call for help was sent out.  There is a list of suggested donation items if a person would like to contribute, but CCS is also accepting monetary donations to make purchases for supplies as needed.

If you would like to contribute supplies or make a monetary donation, please contact us at:

Catholic Community Services in Southeastern Arizona
6049 E. Hwy 90
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
520-458-4203520-458-4203 x. 105

Requested Donations for Central American Immigrant Women and Children:

Food for bus trips:

•         Bottled water
•         Gatorade
•         Pedialyte
•         Ramen noodles in cups (chicken)
•         Snacks like granola bars and dried fruit (non-melting ingredients)
•         Beef jerky

Travel size toiletry items such as:

•         Toothpaste
•         Toothbrushes
•         Hair combs/brushes
•         Deodorant
•         Lotion
•         Hand sanitizer
•         Sanitary pads for women
•         Chapstick/lip balm

Baby/Child care items:

•         Diapers (sizes 2, 3 and 4)
•         Diaper cream
•         Wipes (in travel packs)
•         Baby bottles (no inserts)
•         Sippy cups
•         Powdered milk
•         Infant/baby formula (powdered)
•         Socks for children
•         Underwear for children

“For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, a stranger and you welcomed me, naked and you clothed me, ill and you cared for me, in prison and you visited me.”(Matthew 25:35-36)

Michael G. Vetter
Executive Director
Catholic Community Services in Southeastern AZ




Real presence of Christ in the Eucharist



Our Campus
Pastor's Welcome

Dear Friends of St. Andrew's,


From the founding of our Parish in 1958, we have grown and developed with Sierra Vista - as partners in building up this great community we call home. 


Over the decades, we sought to be active participants in every aspect of community life. We believe that serving the common good and making this city a place where people come first, where the least and most easily-overlooked are served and cared for, and where the quality of life is enhanced for all our fellow citizens, is an essential witness to our faith.


We hope our parish church is a place where all experience the Presence of God and the welcome of God's People. We pray that its beauty will speak a wordless invitation to those who are seeking, those who are wearied by life's burdens and those who are drawn to lift their hearts in prayer.


We thank God for giving us this opportunity to extend His blessings and to share our church and campus facilities with the Sierra Vista community.


The pulse of St. Andrew's is reflected through our ministries and individual parishoner efforts.  I hope to highlight these achievements and bring focus to upcoming events in the article following this message.


Yours because His,

Fr. Greg Adolf


† † †



With open hearts we welcome all who have come to the house of the Lord.


If you are new to the parish, please stop by the office and register.


You can download the form HERE.


Once registered, this implies that you will participate with our faith community at Sunday Liturgy and return to the Lord by sharing your time, talent and treasure with His Church.



Mass Schedule



Monday - Friday: 9:00 am † 12:05 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am † 5:00 pm

Good Shepherd Mission  6:30 pm

Sunday: 8:00 am † 10:00 am

Noon ( Español / Spanish)

5:00 pm (Life Teen)


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Army Chaplain History


Remembering Fr Kapaun


Chaplain Lloyd in the Port of Tacoma


Chaplain Lloyd's News Letter



Did You Know...?


...that this Thursday we will host a “Hail and Farewell” event in our Parish Office? On Thursday, anytime between 11:00AM and 2:00PM, all are invited to stop by as we say “Thank you and God bless you!” to Cecil Nixon, who has served our Parish as our Director of Religious Education for the past two years; and we say, “Welcome and God bless you!” to Sister Joellen Kohlmann, o.s.f., as she begins her ministry as Director of Religious Education!

You are also invited to come by and welcome Lupita Teran, (the wife of Deacon Lauro Teran!), as she begins her ministry as Office Assistant/Receptionist, taking over from Tracy Teas. (Lupita will be assisting us part-time.)

During these transitions, it is important to acknowledge the wonderful Staff, who give of themselves so generously, and to say: “Thank you for your ministry on behalf of ALL of us!”

Since so much of what happens in ministry in our Parish depends upon all of our wonderful volunteers, perhaps when you introduce yourself to Sister Joellen and Lupita, you might consider offering your services to help them in their ministries!

Transitions are always a bit difficult, as we become very ‘accustomed’ to how certain things have been done, but they are also wonderful ‘grace moments’ in which we experience the riches of  the experience which new ministers bring to us!

Please join us this Thursday, anytime between 11:00AM and 2:00PM at the Parish Office for this “Hail and Farewell” celebration!


* * * *


This past week, we received $155.00 in gifts to our Building Fund! Among the projects funded by the Building Fund and completed this past week are: the beautiful stainless steel ‘backsplash’ behind the stoves in the Kitchen (thanks Deacon Joe, Mike Morales, and Ben Horner – our Custodial Staff); the projector and screen, for power-point presentations in the Parish Center (thanks Rick Young!); and the wrought-iron storage enclosure between the Rectory and Kino Hall!

We are currently developing plans for a new stairway from the West Parking Lot to the SW corner of the church, and will move ahead with that project as funds become available.

(IF you have any suggestions or recommendations for improvements, please contact Bill Polakowski, Chairman of the Buildings and Ground Committee!)


Knights of Columbus


Connie and Bryant SayersReflections from Bryant Sayers

Knights of Columbus State Deputy


I recently read an article in the April/May edition of "The Word Among Us" booklet. The article that caught my eye was entitled:

Connie and Bryant Sayers               


 "Don't Bring a Dixie Cup to Niagara Falls"


for the article.

The subtitle was "Forgive me, Father, for I find Mass boring."   Well, I have had the opportunity over the last 6 years to travel Arizona and attend Mass in many different parishes.  I have never found the Mass boring.  I have heard some say they don't understand what is being said during the Homily.  Sometimes I can't either, but this is when I have found myself trying to listen even harder! 

I am a convert and I am proud of that fact.  I love attending the different Masses and observing in the different parishes the subtle differences from what we have become accustomed to in our "home" parishes.  I think the most interesting Mass I attended was in Quebec.  The parish website listed a particular Mass time as being in English.  At the time I was the State Warden, so myself and the State Advocate,Joe Rostowski, attended this Mass together.

 Well somewhere along the line the 'translation' must have gotten mixed up.

The Mass was in French!  We didn't understand a word, so we 'followed the crowd'.  We stood when they did, knelt when they did, and said the 'Our Father' (in English, as my French is non-existent!) when they did.  The funny part was when it came time to receive Communion, we just about got run over!    The parishioners where rushing up the aisles to Communion!  (I think the little old lady I noticed in the middle of our row, which was toward the back of the church, may have been the first in line!)  Never "boring"!   It is always interesting to go to different parishes and attend Mass. Sometimes it makes you appreciate what you have!   When I do spend the weekend on the road, I will rush home late on a Sunday afternoon just to get my "home parish fix" at our 5:00 PM LifeTeen Mass!  (Which means I also get to spend that time with my grandkids at Mass! That's a plus!)

Bryant  R. Sayers

Arizona State Deputy


Confession Explained



Why Do We Confess to a Priest?




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The Four Chaplains



By John Brinsfield

It was Feb. 3, 1943, and the U.S. Army Transport Dorchester was one of three ships in a convoy, moving across the Atlantic from Newfoundland to an American base in Greenland. A converted luxury liner, the Dorchester was crowded to capacity, carrying 902 servicemen, merchant seamen and civilian workers.


It was only 150 miles from its destination when shortly after midnight, an officer aboard the German submarine U2 spotted it. After identifying and targeting the ship, he gave orders to fire. The hit was decisive, striking the ship, far below the water line. The initial blast killed scores of men and seriously wounded many more.


Others, stunned by the explosion were groping in the darkness. Panic and chaos quickly set in! Men were screaming, others crying or franticly trying to get lifeboats off the ship.


Through the pandemonium, four men spread out among the Soldiers, calming the frightened, tending the wounded and guiding the disoriented toward safety. They were four Army chaplains, Lt. George Fox, a Methodist; Lt. Alexander Goode, a Jewish Rabbi; Lt. John Washington, a Roman Catholic Priest; and Lt. Clark Poling, a Dutch Reformed minister.


Quickly and quietly the four chaplains worked to bring calm to the men. As soldiers began to find their way to the deck of the ship, many were still in their underwear, where they were confronted by the cold winds blowing down from the arctic.


Petty Officer John J. Mahoney, reeling from the cold, headed back towards his cabin. "Where are you going'" a voice of calm in the sea of distressed asked' "To get my gloves," Mahoney replied. "Here, take these," said Rabbi Goode as he handed a pair of gloves to the young officer. "I can't take those gloves," Mahoney replied. "Never mind," the Rabbi responded. "I have two pairs." It was only long after that Mahoney realized that the chaplain never intended to leave the ship.


Once topside, the chaplains opened a storage locker and began distributing life jackets. It was then that Engineer Grady Clark witnessed an astonishing sight. When there were no more lifejackets in the storage room, the chaplains simultaneously removed theirs and gave them to four frightened young men. When giving their life jackets, Rabbi Goode did not call out for a Jew; Father Washington did not call out for a Catholic; nor did Fox or Poling call out for a Protestant. They simply gave their life jackets to the next man in line. One survivor would later call it "It was the finest thing I have seen or hope to see this side of heaven."


As the ship went down, survivors in nearby rafts could see the four chaplains -- arms linked and braced against the slanting deck. Their voices could also be heard offering prayers and singing hymns.


Of the 902 men aboard the U.S.A.T. Dorchester, only 230 survived. Before boarding the Dorchester back in January, Chaplain Poling had asked his father to pray for him, "Not for my safe return, that wouldn't be fair. Just pray that I shall do my duty...never be a coward...and have the strength, courage and understanding of men. Just pray that I shall be adequate."


Although the Distinguished Service Cross and Purple Heart were later awarded posthumously Congress wished to confer the Medal of Honor but was blocked by the stringent requirements which required heroism performed under fire. So a posthumous Special Medal for Heroism, The Four Chaplains' Medal, was authorized by Congress and awarded by the President on January 18, 1961.


It was never given before and will never be given again.



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YOU can play an important role in our Stephen Ministry . . .

. . Because you may know of a friend, neighbor, co-worker, or relative who is going through a difficult time and who could benefit from the focused care, encouragement, and support of a Stephen Minister.

If you know of someone who is hurting or if you are hurting, simply ask the St. Andrew Parish office

(520) 458-2925, to pass your contact information to a Stephen Leader or contact

Connie Sayers

Stephen Leader

directly at:

(520) 456-7351.

It's a great way for you to show how much you care!


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