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Dear Friends of St. Andrew's,

From the founding of our Parish in 1958, we have grown and developed with Sierra Vista - as partners in building up this great community we call home.

Over the decades, we sought to be active participants in every aspect of community life. We believe that serving the common good and making this city a place where people come first, where the least and most easily-overlooked are served and cared for, and where the quality of life is enhanced for all our fellow citizens, is an essential witness to our faith.

We hope our parish church is a place where all experience the Presence of God and the welcome of God's People. We pray that its beauty will speak a wordless invitation to those who are seeking, those who are wearied by life's burdens and those who are drawn to lift their hearts in prayer.

We thank God for giving us this opportunity to extend His blessings and to share our church and campus facilities with the Sierra Vista community.
The pulse of St. Andrew's is reflected through our ministries and individual parishoner efforts.  I hope to highlight these achievements and bring focus to upcoming events in the article following this message.

Yours because His,

Fr. Greg Adolf


Queridos amigos de San Andrés,

Desde la Fundación de nuestra parroquia en 1958, hemos crecido y desarrollado con Sierra Vista - como socios en la construcción de esta gran comunidad que llamamos hogar.

Durante las décadas, intentamos ser participantes activos en todos los aspectos de la vida comunitaria. Creemos que servir al bien común y haciendo de esta ciudad un lugar donde la gente viene primera, donde el menos y la mayoría pasa por alto fácilmente son servidos y atendidos, y donde la calidad de vida es mayor para todos nuestros conciudadanos, es un testimonio esencial de nuestra fe.

Esperamos que nuestra parroquia es un lugar donde toda experiencia de la presencia de Dios y la acogida del pueblo de Dios. Oramos para que su belleza hablará una invitación sin palabras a aquellos que buscan, los que están cansado por las cargas de la vida y quienes son atraídos a elevar sus corazones en oración.

Damos gracias a Dios por darnos esta oportunidad para extender sus bendiciones y a compartir nuestras instalaciones iglesia y escuela con la comunidad de Sierra Vista.

El pulso de San Andrés se refleja a través de nuestros ministerios y esfuerzos individuales parishoner.  Espero destacar estos logros y enfoque a próximos eventos en el artículo siguiente este mensaje.

Tuyo porque su,

El padre Greg Adolf

Did You Know...?


...that we are preparing for our new Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) and Rite of Christian Initiation for Children (RCIC) classes?


If YOU know anyone who has expressed an interest in becoming a Catholic, OR an adult Baptized Catholic who would like to receive the Sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist, OR an adult Catholic who has been away from the practice of their faith and would like to return through a process of learning and deeper understanding, would you please  invite them to get in touch with RITA THOMPSON at our Parish Office (458-2925)?  You can also


Rita  will be meeting with those who are interested in the RCIA during the month of August, to ascertain their needs and to answer questions about our program.


The classes themselves will begin in September!


We are also looking for sponsors for those who are interested in becoming Catholics. “Walking with” a person seeking a deeper spiritual life and full participation in the life of the Church, can be a life-enriching experience for a sponsor, as well as the Candidate!


Many of those who have had the experience of being a sponsor have spoken of the enrichment of their own spiritual life and becoming much more aware and active as Catholics!


Every study shows that most people who become Catholics in their adult years do so because someone they know and trust has invited them! You can be part of God’s process of calling men and women to new life in Him, simply by extending an invitation!


It is important to emphasize that inviting someone to join the RCIA does not “lock them” into a decision. The RCIA is a process of discernment, prayer and thoughtful examination of the truths of the Faith in a setting of mutual respect and open conversation.


There are several distinct ‘stages’ to the process, and it is clearly understood that anyone can (and should) prayerfully decide if they want to continue in the process or step out. There is no coercion or ‘pressure’ of any kind in this “journey of growing faith”!


Jane Boss will be directing the Rite of Christian Initiation for Children for those children  (7-14 years old), who have not been Baptized, or, who have been baptized in another Christian church. The parents, of course, must register the children, again, by calling the Parish Office (458-2925) or coming by to pick up the registration form.


You can also register for the RCIA or the RCIC on-line at our parish website!



This past week,we received $1490 in new donations to our “Building Our ChurchFund” – which provides for the up-grades and improvements to our two-campus Parish, as well as funding special projects overseas! Thank you for your continuing generosity!



Mass Times

Sunday: 8:00 am † 10:00 am
Noon ( Español / Spanish)
5:00 pm (Life Teen)

Monday - Friday: 9:00 am † 12:05 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am † 5:00 pm (Vigil)

Good Shepherd Mission  6:30 pm

Confessions are 30 minutes before every Mass

Download the Monthly Mass Schedule


Do you have a prayer request?

See Something? Say Something!



St. Andrew’s is seeking applicants for the position of Secretary. The Secretary is responsible for providing administrative support to the pastor as well as other staff members.   The successful candidate will also be responsible for a variety of parish functions involving coordination and logistics.  The individual must be a team player, have an excellent positive attitude combined with communication, computer and telephone skills, be a detail-oriented problem solver with the ability to perform multiple duties simultaneously. Bi-lingual (English/Spanish) is a plus. The position is structured around a thirty (30) hour work week.
To review the job description

To obtain an application form please contact the parish office or 

Applications should be delivered to the parish office.  Applications will be accepted until position is filled. 




“For those who have entered into the ‘Eucharistic dimension’ by constant thanksgiving and mutual appreciation, and in a living faith, the whole life experience is different. . .for them, death will never mean the last and final loss, the summit of senselessness, the helpless rebellion, but rather the hour of the final transfiguration, of trust and peace! ‘I rejoiced when they said unto me, ‘Let us go to the House of the Lord!’’”

           - Fr. Bernard Haring, C.S.s.R. (1912-1998)








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