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Thursday, August 25, 2016



Our Campus
Pastor's Welcome


Dear Friends of St. Andrew's,


From the founding of our Parish in 1958, we have grown and developed with Sierra Vista - as partners in building up this great community we call home. 


Over the decades, we sought to be active participants in every aspect of community life. We believe that serving the common good and making this city a place where people come first, where the least and most easily-overlooked are served and cared for, and where the quality of life is enhanced for all our fellow citizens, is an essential witness to our faith.


We hope our parish church is a place where all experience the Presence of God and the welcome of God's People. We pray that its beauty will speak a wordless invitation to those who are seeking, those who are wearied by life's burdens and those who are drawn to lift their hearts in prayer.


We thank God for giving us this opportunity to extend His blessings and to share our church and campus facilities with the Sierra Vista community.


The pulse of St. Andrew's is reflected through our ministries and individual parishoner efforts.  I hope to highlight these achievements and bring focus to upcoming events in the article following this message.


Yours because His,

Fr. Greg Adolf

Queridos amigos de San Andrés,


Desde la Fundación de nuestra parroquia en 1958, hemos crecido y desarrollado con Sierra Vista - como socios en la construcción de esta gran comunidad que llamamos hogar.

Durante las décadas, intentamos ser participantes activos en todos los aspectos de la vida comunitaria. Creemos que servir al bien común y haciendo de esta ciudad un lugar donde la gente viene primera, donde el menos y la mayoría pasa por alto fácilmente son servidos y atendidos, y donde la calidad de vida es mayor para todos nuestros conciudadanos, es un testimonio esencial de nuestra fe.


Esperamos que nuestra parroquia es un lugar donde toda experiencia de la presencia de Dios y la acogida del pueblo de Dios. Oramos para que su belleza hablará una invitación sin palabras a aquellos que buscan, los que están cansado por las cargas de la vida y quienes son atraídos a elevar sus corazones en oración.


Damos gracias a Dios por darnos esta oportunidad para extender sus bendiciones y a compartir nuestras instalaciones iglesia y escuela con la comunidad de Sierra Vista.


El pulso de San Andrés se refleja a través de nuestros ministerios y esfuerzos individuales parishoner.  Espero destacar estos logros y enfoque a próximos eventos en el artículo siguiente este mensaje.


Tuyo porque su,


El padre Greg Adolf


Coming Soon!!!


Sunday Sept. 18th

Our Parish Picnic!


Weekly Publications


† † †



With open hearts we welcome all who have come to the house of the Lord.


If you are new to the parish, please stop by the office and register.


to download the form


Once registered, this implies that you will participate with our faith community at Sunday Liturgy and return to the Lord by sharing your time, talent and treasure with His Church.



Are Your Affairs In Order?



To download the Personal Records form

To visit the Five Wishes website



Deuteronomy 16:17



Insprired By St Francis of Assisi


Doing God's Work in Sierra Vista



Looking To Come Back To Your Faith?




 Stephen Ministry

YOU can play an important role in our Stephen Ministry . . .

. . Because you may know of a friend, neighbor, co-worker, or relative who is going through a difficult time and who could benefit from the focused care, encouragement, and support of a Stephen Minister.

If you know of someone who is hurting or if you are hurting, simply ask the St. Andrew Parish office

(520) 458-2925, to pass your contact information to a Stephen Leader or contact

Connie Sayers

Stephen Leader

directly at:

(520) 456-7351.

It's a great way for you to show how much you care!


Catholic Questions -- Catholic Answers


Parish Library

Your Parish Library located in Madonna Hall is a valuable resource for Catholic books and videos for all ages. Follow this link to read the current newsletter.

Library Hours:

Sunday: 9 a.m. - noon

Tuesday and Thursday: 10 a.m. - noon

For other times, please contact the office.


Did You Know...?



...that registration is underway for our new Faith Formation Year?

Sister Joellen (our Director of Religious Education), and Bill Polakowski (our Youth Minister and Confirmation Lead), and their wonderful crew of Volunteer Teachers and Catechists, are looking forward to the beginning of great year!

Classes start on 6 September – and running up to that start date, we have Parent Meetings on 21 and 22 August, and Parents/Students Confirmation Class Meeting on 29 August!

Please register your children as soon as possible – (Sister Joellen has a registration table set up after Sunday morning Masses) – and plan on attending the Parents’ Meetings!


For forms you can download,

We will celebrate Catechetical Sunday on 18 September – “Commissioning” our Catechists and Class Aides – and, of course, celebrate our Annual Parish Picnic that same day!

We get very high “marks” on our Faith Formation Program from parents, the Diocese, and the kids themselves.

We are very proud of the quality of Formation that our young people receive, and a very large part of that quality is a direct result of parent support and valuing. When our parents make Faith Formation – in the home, as well as in the classroom – a high priority, the results are impressive.

While we value parochial school education very highly – a number of our children are enrolled at All Saints’ School –studies show that Faith Formation Programs, with energetic parent/family participation, are extremely effective in transmitting and nurturing a sustainable, life-style faith in young adults.

It is good to remember that when we asked to have our children baptized, there were ‘conditions’ to which we – as parents and godparents – agreed. One of  the ‘conditions’ was that we promised to see that the child would be “trained in the practice of our Holy Faith” – that is, that we would actively partner with the Religious Education programs in our Parish to see that our child was prepared to receive Sacraments, and have the necessary tools for ‘growing’ their faith.

We made no such promises at the Baptism Font regarding sports programs, or extracurricular school activities. (For that matter, we did not make any solemn commitment to see that they attended school!) But we did make such a promise before God, that we would see that they were “trained in the practice of our Holy Faith”.

Please keep your promises to your child – your godchild – for their eternal good and yours!


* * * * *

This past week, we received $346.00 in donations to the “Building Our Church” Fund – which allows us to make unbudgeted but needed improvements/repairs to our two-campus Parish! This Fund also allows us to respond to the needs of the Universal Church – missions – mission activities that we have sponsored over the years!

Thank you so much for your continuing generosity – it makes all the difference!!!


Mass Schedule



Monday - Friday: 9:00 am † 12:05 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am † 5:00 pm

Good Shepherd Mission  6:30 pm

Sunday: 8:00 am † 10:00 am

Noon ( Español / Spanish)

5:00 pm (Life Teen)


for the Monthly Mass Schedule


Cursillo Weekends


Invitation to Cursillo Weekend

A Short Course in Christianity

Cursillo Weekend, a short course in Christianity, aims "to provide a foundation so the person may live what is fundamental for being Christian, and through those who live what is fundamental for being Christian, vertebrae Christianity in [their parishes, their work places,] and society."


The First Weekends scheduled for Tucson are as follows:

  Men Cursillo Weekend

Thursday October   6 through Sunday October   9

  Women Cursillo Weekend

Thursday October 13 through Sunday October 16


  Both cloistered Weekends will be held at the
  La Purisima Retreat Center
  10301 S Stone Ridge Rd, Hereford, AZ 85615

Plan to arrive at the retreat center by 5:00 PM on the first day of the respective Weekend for check in, and stay until 8 PM Sunday.

* * * * *

For more information


Men's  - Women's Cursillo Application

(Please return completed applications to the parish office)

Men's Application

Women's Application


Bible Study


Tuesday Morning at 945 am

Wednesday Evening at 7 pm

Madonna Hall - Room 7



Pope Francis on Twitter


Follow Pope Francis on Twitter


From the Vatican


What's Happening in the Vatican?

What is Pope Francis saying?



Do You Have a Prayer Request?

Send an email to:



Arizona Catholic Conference

The Arizona Catholic Conference (ACC) is our legislative lobby for the Diocese of Gallup, the Diocese of Phoenix, the Diocese of Tucson and the Holy Protection of Mary Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Phoenix


Report Child Abuse



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