Support for Seminarian


The Knights of Columbus provide seminarian support through what is known as Refund Support for Vocations Program (RSVP).  With RSVP, we raise funds to reimburse our seminarians as they are attending their formal religious vocation training.  Our Brother Richard Rivera is a seminarian enrolled at Mundelein Seminary.


We will have raffles to raise funds.  Brother Knights, their family, and parishioners have donated special items for the raffles this year.


Winners have been drawn!

1.  Hunters Knives Sets

Charles Pisani

Richard (10:00 AM Usher)

Julia Anyanwu (multiple)

Jenny Bateman (multiple)

Fredericks (multiple)

Roger Wysong

Arabella Alvarez


2.  Portraits

Chris Nemec


3.  Milagro Crib

Charlie Valdez


4.  Camper's Backback



5.  Religious Retablos

Kavika Su Nicolas


6.  Christmas Tree

Julia Anyanwu


Congratulations to all the winners.  If you have not yet received the prize, please contact us at


Raffle Tickets 1 for $1   6 for $5


1.  Hunter’s Knives Sets

First raffle item is a multiple of sets and individual hunter’s knives donated by Brother Chuck Muscato and his brother John Muscato and his brother-in- Gordon Fox.  More than a dozen winners will be selected!  One of the drawings includes a knife set with fanny pack for travelling and hiking.

2.  Portraits: Last Supper / Airframe Architect

The second drawing item is a set of portraits of the Last Supper on a fauxwood-framed cloth and an airframe architecture drawing.  The Last Supper portrait is made of fabric stuffed for a dimensional effect.  The item is donated by Br Frank and Laura Liebsch.

The airframe architecture drawing is wood frame with image on particle board donated by Brother Chuck Muscato.

3.  Milagro Crib

The third drawing item is a nativity cradle aka “Milagro Crib” which is constructed by Br Chuck Muscato and decorated by Br Frank Liebsch.  Within the cradle are some special items such as a Nativity Box part of a Limoges collection from the Bradford Exchange that includes numbered certificate.  Also included is a baby Jesus figurine from Bethlehem.  We call it a “Milagro Crib” after its namesake Milagro Cross where icons of prayer intentions are affixed as objects to represent our prayer intentions.  If you win this item, you can continue where we left off and add items to represent your intentions.


4.  Camper’s Backpack

The fourth raffle item is a camper’s backpack that unfolds into a chair donated by Brother Chuck Muscato.


The backpack will be stuffed with camping and fishing accessories!


 5.  Two Retablos

The fifth drawing item is for two Retablos donated by Br Larry Cater.  These “tablets” are artful designs of religious events or figures.  They are produced by a notable artist in Sante Fe, New Mexico.  They will be given as a set.



6.  7.5 Foot Pre-lit 550 LED Christmas Tree

Number 6 drawing item is a used but excellent condition Christmas Tree donated by Santa Claus.  Variable light patterns and stand with remote.  New value is $260 at Walmart, but none in stock!  Here is your chance.  Original box included.


The winners of the 2020 raffle drawing:

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