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Missionaries Sending Forth God's Word

Pray for our missionaries throughout the world; the fingertips of our faith. 

Mission in its broadest sense refers to any commission or power for carrying out an assignment. In theology, "mission" or "sending forth" has its principle in the Trinity; the Father sending forth the Son into the world.

Christ in turn sent forth the Apostles to "preach the gospel to every creature."

In this sense of "preaching the gospel," mission may be described as preaching to Christians to stir up the grace that is in them, or as a preaching to pagans to announce the good news of salvation. The latter is usually termed "foreign" mission, since historically Christianity developed in Western civilization, and countries not in the geographical sphere of this civilization were considered "foreign."

The missionary, however is an emissary of Christ not of the continent, a country, a culture or of commerce.

Bishop Jose Luis in Swaziland
Click here to visit the website   Here is his most recent letter...    Dear Fr Greg, greetings from ... Swaziland! I still divide my time between South Africa and Swaziland. We hope Pope Francis will remember us and&...

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Fr Anthony in Russia
  Dear Father Greg, Warmest of greetings to you from Kyrgyzstan.   Your email touched me deeply and your words of support and, especially your prayers and those of the parishioners at St. Andrew's, encourage me more than you can ...

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Fr Silas in Nepal
Click Here to read Fr Silas' newsletter Caritas Nepal Caritas Nepal is the social arm of the Catholic Church in Nepal and about half of its staff members are Catholics. Although many of Caritas Nepal’s staff members are non-Catholics,...

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Joan Martin : The Haiti Project
  Some photos from Fr. Leonvilloe and the parish of St. Nicolas.   1.  Fr. Kerby, the associate pastor, with the chalice of Msgr. Carillo that the family sent back with me. 2.  The view of the ocean from the chapel of Carina...

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St. Andrew Chapel - Nepal Project
The village where our “St. Andrew’s Chapel” will be built  is named Tulachan, and is located about 500 kilometers away from Kathmandu, in the eastern end of Nepal. Father Silas Bogari, the Vicar General of the Vicariate ...

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