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Dear Friends,

Just wanted to send you some photos of the nutrition program at the house of the old people in Bonneau.   If seems that the government committee that was reponsible for repairs to the house and for buying the food for the once a day meals is no longer in operation.   Everything has fallen on the shoulders of Fr. Jocelyn.


1.   The remains of one of the sleeping houses.   The house where the men sleep is not much better.

2.   Three of the old men who stay there.   They told me 5 men sleep at the house, but about 15 men and women come each day to eat.    Not counting children.

3.   The cook getting the fire ready.

4.   The rice and beans for the meal that day.

5.   One of the old ladies coming to get food for herself and another old lady.

Thanks for all your help.  






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