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Monday, April 24, 2017
Fr Silas in Nepal

 Dear Friends,
 Please find attached our current News Letter
 Yours in Christ,
Fr. Silas Bogati

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Caritas Nepal


Caritas Nepal is the social arm of the Catholic Church in Nepal and about half of its staff members are Catholics. Although many of Caritas Nepal’s staff members are non-Catholics, they serve the organization with the same passion, pride and loyalty as their Catholic colleagues.

In solidarity with the underpriviledged, the marginalized and the needy

Vision: Caritas Nepal works to create an equitable, just, peaceful, democratic and pluralistic society where people respect each other and work together without any discrimination of caste, creed, race, ethnicity, and sex to realize the fundamental and universal principles of Human Rights and where the oppressed and marginalized people, empowered through animation and people’s organization, are able to achieve integral human development and become agents of social transformation.

Mission: Caritas Nepal commits itself to working among the poor and the marginalized in a coordinated way linking all programs of micro-credit, sustainable agriculture, gender development, peace, disaster mitigation, emergency relief and health awareness with the perspective of human rights approach and with the methodology of building groups and empowering them.


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