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Monday, April 24, 2017
Fr Anthony in Russia


Dear Father Greg,

Pax Christi!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope and trust that this email finds you doing well and enjoying the very special days around Thanksgiving.
It is always especially nice to think of Sierra Vista during the holidays.


The Americans in Moscow gather during this time. After twelve years in Siberia, where I would often barely even know that it was Thanksgiving, it is enjoyable to be able to celebrate this wonderful holiday with others. Yesterday, a very active family in the Catholic/ American community hosted a great evening....meal, prayer and songs. In addition to always being a wonderful time, it is a true witness to many of the guests...American, Russian and others from different countries.

Tomorrow a career Navy man invites a different contingent of Americans :-) for a great afternoon...food and football (via satellite). It is the day when my thoughts really do return to the many, many blessings of the US. And it is always such a joy to see how much Russians appreciate the idea of a day devoted to family and to giving thanks.


Of course, very high on my list of things for which I am grateful is Saint Andrews' parish in Sierra Vista, your remarkable brotherhood, the prayers and goodness of people there.

I sometimes reflect on the fact that one of the most revelatory, consoling, and truly awe-inspiring moments in Heaven will be when we priests are shown just WHAT God did in our lives and vocations through the prayers of kind people for us.

...And a true "purgative" moment will be if we are shown just what our lives would have looked like without the grace from these prayers and the love of good people for us.

I greet you and the parishioners on the eve of St. Andrew, who in Russian is called, "Saint Andrew, First Called". I will offer my mass tomorrow for your intentions, Father Greg, and for those of the parishioners and their families.


Also, I wanted to let you know that I will be traveling to the US again in March (I will have a simple operation in Texas). I then plan on coming to Arizona for a couple of days...March 22-24. I would love to spend this time in Sierra Vista. Would this be possible? Let me know if these days are not good for you and I will try and make other arrangements to come. I know that this is a very brief visit, but I wanted to make it there during this trip.


Things here are going well...not without adventure:-). In fact, it is a tough time, for various reasons....still, there is much grace and even consolation, thankfully. I should even be able to stay in Moscow during these weeks...except for a trip to Saratov and Katerinstadt (Marx) for a week after New Year's.


Again, all the best to you during these days.


in Christ,




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