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Monday, April 24, 2017
Young Catholic Readers' Club

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Children's Reading Program


The Parish Library congratulates our Young Catholic Readers!

Congratulations to Daniel Buhr, Anastasia Cruz, John Paul Cruz, Aiden Fitzpatrick, Logan Fitzpatrick, Fulton Savage, and Analise Simmons.  Since our last report to the parish, these 7 members of the Young Catholic Reader's Club have read and written reports on at least 9 books chosen to build knowledge of our Faith. Each was given his or her choice of a statue of a saint.  Another 33 children are currently participating in the Club.

For each of our readers, we pray that your statue will remind you to pray for the intercession of the siants and to continue, day by day, to grow in the knowledge and love of God.

We encourage all families to continue to visit the library and borrow books and DVDs to take home.  Any children who would like to enroll in the Reader's Club may do so and will be encouraged and rewarded for their commitment to grow in Faith.  The Club operates year round but provides a great summer activiity for children too busy to participate during the schoool year.  You can find additional information on the Parish website Library page.



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